Folk Ways and Ritual Landscapes – Our Hidden Heritage

We have no wide prairies nor great forests of native pine. We do have ancient landscapes full myths and stories that have survived from pre – historic times.  On this experiential tour you will discover the stories and science behind sacrificial Bog Body sites and the ritual significance of Giant`s Graves from expert local guide Martin Bradley.

West Tyrone`s pagan sites are rich in local folk lore where even the history of how, these ancient sites have survived for over two thousand years make fascinating tales on their own.  As you travel Martin will bring you to Pagan Wells, Fairy Trees and Standing Stones where you will also hear the myths and stories behind these sacred sites.

On this tour visitors will enjoy unique story telling experiences where archaeology, folklore and ecology are combined to provide fascinating insights that explain the origins of many of North West Ireland`s cultural traditions.

A 7 hour mini – bus/walking tour; with a one hour stop for lunch in Castlederg.

Prices from £55 per person

Minimum 2 – Maximum 10 participants.     Groups of 4 or more please book 7 days in advance.